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E-mobility vision for South Tyrol

The return of nature

It smells like cornflowers and peppermint. The gentle noise of a mountain stream drowns the humming of traffic. South Tyrol prohibited combustion engines and the stench of burned fuel disappeared. Native animal species feel less disturbed and show more often.

Power to the people

With solarpanels on top of private housing and water-power-plants the South Tyrolean released themselves from international oil companies. They charge their electric cars with self-produced energy.

Relaxation for range

To extend the range of electric cars South Tyrolean are slowing down and drive more mindful. By that the risk of accidents decreases and the insurance costs are getting less expensive.

The aim of sustainability

Transparent supply chains and CO2-neutral production are conditions for the financial support of electric cars. Old batteries are used as stationary energy sources in remote areas and after a second life they get recycled.

Let’s change the way we travel.

South Tyrol Facts


South Tyrol already produces twice as much energy as needed with renewable sources

2,3 tons

This amount of CO²-equivalent per capita was coming from road traffic in South Tyrol 2013.

The number of charging stations for electric cars in South Tyrol is increasing constantly.

Let’s join ECOdolomites.

About ECOdolomites

One weekend a year we drive trough the Dolomites. Cars, Motorbikes, two-seater cabins, sportive cabriolets, busses and any other sustainable vehicles. Silent and without CO2-emissions. We want to demonstrate that alternative engines are the future. The most efficient drivers win. Since 2022 the Fiera Bolzano is the base for our rides.

Let’s move electrically.

We are ECOmove.

Janpaul Clara, Maximilian Costa and Daniel M. Campisi

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