The “ECOdolomites” concept

ECOdolomites 2014

The fundamental idea is to put two basic needs and necessities of the today’s consumer society in a nutshell: we would like to offer pure driving pleasure combined with environmental friendly responsibility, all this in front of the amazing scenario of the Dolomites.

On the 26th of June 2012, the UNESCO designate the “pale mountains” a world natural heritage property due to its rare elegance, its authenticity, its geological and geomorphological uniqueness. The event “ECOdolomites” gives priority to the protection and revaluation of this precious natural good. The two Ladin valleys, Val Gardena and Alta Badia, show commitment in founding concrete and especially eco-friendly solutions to continue preventing the unique beauty of the Dolomites. In fact, by introducing the electro-mobility, which presents interesting and mainly future-compliant advantages for the environment (link to: Environmental advantages of the electro-mobility), the common traffic problem in the valleys around the Sella massive and the pollution could be circumvented in a sustainable way. Accordingly to this, it could be state that this event is determining the course for a “clean” future. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano-South Tyrol and the Dolomites-UNESCO Foundation share the same view and take also the 2nd edition of “ECOdolomites” under their patronage.

The doubts about the use of electro-vehicles in an alpine area have already been dispelled during the 1st edition in September 2011, where the energy consumption of 19 different vehicles was tested. The outcomes were definitely astonishing (link with: review 2011): after all the vehicles have overcome the first 3 passes of the Sellaronda, they showed an average consumption of approximately 30%. In fact, during the downwards drive, energy was regained and stored in the battery.

Also this year, on 9th of September 2017, the show will go on: our dear participants will have the possibility to test their electro-vehicles middle in the heart of the UNESCO world heritage site. Both challenge and goal is to drive the whole distance (more than 70 km) by use the least energy as possible. For the measurements the FIA formula (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) will be applied.

With this in mind: you are on! May the “cleanest car” win…

Environmental advantages of the electro-mobility:

As technology advances, electric cars are proliferating in a variety of formats and present interesting such as eco-friendly advantages, which are constantly perfected and elaborated. Discover how the usage of electric vehicles contributes to the maintenance of the Dolomites:

  • In contrast to the conventional gasoline-fuelled or diesel-powered cars, the electric motor has a higher efficiency. In fact, it has a degree of effectiveness of approximately 90%, since the warmth development is significantly lower.
  •  The EV are quite to drive. Through their substantial drop in noise pollution, both life quality and health of people and nature improve.
  • One of the main distinguishing features of an EV is the 100% lack of local exhaust: they help improving the air quality. However, how much an EV can reduce the total emissions of CO2 and other polluting by-products depends on the source of electricity used to charge its batteries: the more renewable energy sources (such as hydro-electric, wind or solar power) are used, the more dramatically the pollution can be reduced and the sustainable climate protection effect can be increased.

Video EcoDolomites – Edition 2014